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Suzie Construction is the most trusted name, built on the passion of a women providing the highest quality in building, grab hire, and investments services. We provide a professional construction business, employing skilled men and women, working side by side in partnership, providing best in class work ethics. Health and safety being central to providing our clients with a first-class service. You’re the one who benefits.

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Building Services

Have you experienced problems when builders undertake work for you and you end up with windows that leak, problems with ventilation, builders not visiting the construction site with the you, before work commences or provide unrealistic project completion dates? Do these all sound familiar? We understand your frustrations.

Suzie Construction has the passion and professionalism to build your project or affordable housing in London in accordance with your vision with realistic timeframes. Through consultation with our expert team of Architects and Project Managers we will work closely with you to ensure you are fully updated at every stage as agreed. The roles are independent and interrelated, providing the optimum level of advice and competence. Prior to any building work taking place, Suzie Construction, have detailed planning meetings ensuring we capture specific requirements, prior to the project being signed off.

We consult with you regarding materials to ensure we have the resources for your project and aim to deliver in accordance with those requirements. You will be regularly updated via your designated Project Manager by your preferred method of communication, whether it be via the phone, internet or an onsite meeting. We are flexible and open to suggestions and our team will always endeavour to provide an excellent service, tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Working with Suzie Construction Builders:

Grab Hire Service

Are your Street Works Section 74 charges too high? Many construction companies or Architects do not own their own grab trucks and sub-contract out the work to a grab hire company. It could also be a groundwork’s company who are required to undertake some emergency work in the night and they do not have a driver to go out, as the driver, may have been driving all day and therefore due to health and safety reasons, cannot drive at night, as they have fulfilled their driving quota. This is where our Grab Hire Service would fill this missing gap for the Architect, other construction or utilities companies, as we would act as the sub-contractor providing a 24/7 service. This puts Suzie Construction in a very unique position.
The priority of Suzie Construction’s Grab Hire Service is to provide an emergency service to the utilities, groundworks, highway and construction industry

Benefits of using Suzie Construction Grab Hire Service:

Investments and Developments

We often have clients approach us with detailed plans for a development who are interested in looking for an investor. The developments in the UK and abroad, vary in magnitude and thus the investment would reflect that. Suzie Construction Investment Department would work effectively with the Developers and the Investors to create the vision.

This is an expanding area as Investors look for new investments. Suzie Construction would work with a group of Investors with different levels of funds to invest for the optimum deal. This is often referred to as crowd funding. This means property or land could be purchased at the right entry point on a larger more affordable scale with a team of investors. Suzie Construction aims to capture that missing gap where it can provide that optimum deal for clients ready to invest.

To discuss a property you want to sell, or purchase, or renovate, or want to invest with us, please contact our team to discuss your requirements in strict confidence at

We Regularly Look At:

Do you want an End of Tenancy solution?

Landlords – as a landlord are you frustrated when your tenants do not clean your property how you want it cleaned or maybe not ready in time for your new tenants? Do you want your property to look fresh and new for the next tenant?

Tenants – are you a tenant who wants to get their rented property looking amazing so you can get your deposit back? Not enough time to clean it? Is it too time consuming and tedious? Do you want someone to clean it quickly for you?
We understand how frustrating this can be as a landlord or tenant maintaining and keeping a property looking first class, for the next tenants. It is important to make the right impression to get the right tenant. We know how important it is to have a clean and tidy property as part of your end of tenancy solutions.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We offer a variety of services to help with the end of tenancy cleaning, from cleaning ovens, fridges, windows and carpets and more. You can contact us now on We can undertake cleaning in your required property which could be a studio, flat, house or commercial property, just email your requirements and we can provide you with a competitive quotation. You know how important it is to have a clean and fresh-looking property for your new tenants. Contact us now

Painting and Decorating

Is your property looking dreary and gloomy? Not attracting the right tenants? Do you want it to have that fresh look of paint, enabling you to advertise a newly painted and decorated studio/flat/house or commercial property?

We understand what you need to get the perfect tenant, the right one, the one who will look after your property like, it’s their own. You are more likely to get your property rented quicker when freshly painted and decorated. You know it’s worth it! Painting and decorating a property can really make a difference to not only the landlord, but also to the tenant and in some cases, the tenant’s parents. It is time for you to consider painting and decorating your property to continue adding value to your property portfolio. We can help, contact us now

Maintenance & Repairs

Are you having problems finding the right company to undertake the maintenance and repairs of your property or property portfolio? Does the leak still drip? Do the bathroom tiles need a fresh look? Does the door lock need changing in time for the new tenants?

All properties need maintaining, especially if renting to tenants. We can provide an ongoing service collaborating with you as a landlord to undertake the maintenance and repairs for your property or property portfolio or commercial building. We provide excellent customer service and will communicate with your tenants to ensure the work is undertaken smoothly and swiftly. We will also keep you regularly updated. Contact us now with your requirements

Building Works

Want builders who can make your vision a reality? Do you have one project or several projects for your property portfolio, like a bathroom and kitchen renovation or an extension built, to accommodate more tenants and add value to your property?
We can help. Planning permission is not always required as it depends on what work needs to be undertaken. We pride ourselves in undertaking different projects for our clients and look forward to working with you to fulfil your building requirements. If you have planning permission, we will undertake the required work. We will regularly keep you updated with ongoing communication. Contact us now with your requirements


Are you a new landlord who wants someone to undertaking the referencing of new tenants? Are you an experienced landlord who wants someone else to undertake the reference requests on an ongoing basis?

Referencing every tenant should be a mandatory process for recruiting the right tenant. It can be quite time consuming for you, especially when you are trying to get your property ready for the next tenant or having building works undertaken to ensure everything is ready on time. We know you are busy and we want to help support you as soon as possible! We have a tenant referencing service and can contribute significantly towards undertaking your reference requests. Contact us now on


Our unique Talent Management Framework – Talent Development Business Excellence Model enables us to recruit and retain top talent aligned with the construction industry standards.

The Talent Management Framework enables us to align our values and vision with our competency-based recruitment procedures. This places Suzie Construction in a strong position where we use a targeted approach to not only recruit but to also retain top talent as part of our succession planning.

As part of our talent pool we will look to recruit Apprentices who want to have a career in construction, builders with commitment and drive, operational staff to continue developing our values for our clients and Senior Management who are ready for a challenge and want to make a difference to our strategic planning, environment, and skyline.

We use psychometric testing as part of our senior management recruitment drive to ensure we have the optimum skill sets aligned with the role and business strategy.

Suzie Construction aims to invest in its people by undertaking appraisals and having robust training plans in place.


if you want to make a difference to the environment and have the drive to be positive with huge enthusiasm with the right skill set, send your CV to our HR Department.